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Episode 102

The Helpers Paradox with Wil Carlos

Stacy and Brenda talk with the Human Polygraph, Will Carlos about the Helpers Paradox and who it affects. Getting to the root of that feeling of not feeling good enough or feeling like a fraud and struggling with imposter complex and the 8 Pillars of the Impostor Complex. It's not just about "Believing in yourself", there are 8 specific parts and when they are all understood Healers can move forward with more ease and joy. How he came to be called the Human Polygraph by his clients. How can we clear the overwhelm and align with ease?

Wil Carlos helps healers who want to feel safe to be seen, especially online. Wil helps Healers get to a point where they are able to be themselves online without being ruled by the fear of criticism or judgment.  Described by his clients as a “Human Polygraph” Wil uses his spiritual gift of Claire-Audience, and limiting belief clearing, to help his clients see exactly where they have been subconsciously staying safe so that they can shift from overwork to ease and fun as they be more of themselves in their business After delivering his signature belief clearing session with 500 people in 28 countries, Wil has honed his direct, honest and “No-fluff” approach to help his clients end self sabotage and confusion. Wil’s deeper purpose (That honestly still scares the Sh*t out of him) is to help others heal their relationship with God, (The God of their understanding), as well as with themselves, so that they can build their life + business on a solid foundation of faith, self love and spiritual confidence.

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